One Hundred and Eleven "Tweetable" Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes

    One Hundred and Eleven "Tweetable" Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes

    A book filled with over 100 inspirational & motivational life purpose quotes & thoughts from certified life purpose coach Suzanne Strisower.  

    This product description is written in the same structure of the book – short, sweet, simple & distilled down to its basic elements .Enjoy!

    These completely original quotes are in the structure of Twitter – each using no more than 140 characters & covering a wide range of topics.

    Here are a few examples of quotes from the book:

    “Your purpose in life never wastes your time. It’s always practicing who you’re becoming, waiting to step into your own power & true purpose.”

    “In every way, your life purpose is expressed it has a WHY to it. It has a spiritual mission (the what) & also a practical mission (the how).”

    “You can also have a ‘Goal Oriented’ life purpose – What are the things you want to Be, Do or Have? These create a direction in life.”

     “Life purpose quotes that you live by will build your self confidence and give you validation that you are living a purpose driven life.”

    This book concisely defines life purpose, has your astrological sign’s purpose, your Developmental Purpose & how to find your life purpose.

    Your Astrological Purpose  
    gives you a glimpse into the cosmic blueprint of your life  
    and the energies of the cosmos at work from within you.”
    strongest suit is to communicate practical ideas.  
    Their purpose is to make sure that things are right.
    Love to create lasting order.”

    Feeling lost or confused about what direction to go? This book will gently guide with questions to ponder to know where to go next in life.

    You will gain many insights into what a life purpose actually is & personalize that for yourself doing exercises to find your true purpose.

    The unique “3/4/5D elements” perspective of your life purpose help you understand it from a multi-faceted & multi-dimensional point of view.

    Your ¾/5D Life Purpose Elements People have asked me what ¾/5D mean.
    3D is your daily life & DOING
    4D is your spiritual side & KNOWING
    5D is your life’s energy & BEING

    This thought provoking little book uses the imagination & insights of the reader to give a deeper awareness about their purpose for being.

    It’s great for daily inspirational messages, Open it for daily messages of contemplation about you and your expression of purpose in life.

    A stand-alone book which takes you naturally down the path to using your true potential in personally meaningful and fulfilling ways now.

    A great companion to Suzanne’s life purpose workbook, 111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes and Exercises to Find Your Purpose in Life.

    Each of us has a path to follow. This simple yet profound workbook provides 111 special quotes & exercises for a more meaningful life.

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